Farhad Re eng


farhadFarhad Re, although his name transports our imagination to faraway lands, Farhad Re was born in Rome and grew up between Italy and France, where he spends most of his time invested in his work as a stylist loved by stars, princesses, and jet-setting ladies such as Catherine Deneuve, Ivana Trump, Joan Collins, Brigitte Nielsen, Ursula Undress, and Princess Soraya—heads of sumptuous and marked elegance—for his high fashion garments, clothes and accessories that despite their modernity reflect a taste for extreme luxury.

Farhad Re intends to offer the women of the years to come, the new “metrosexual-adolescents,” a bit adult, yet still young girls, the option to remove the confines of their identities.

After years of Haute Couture collections, the women’s accessory collection is now here with a few essential yet significant style shots to break the more traditional Italian craftsmanship to give life to the phantasmic explosions of seduction and ingenuity, splendor and elegance, transgression and austerity, in a magical mix of Casual and Couture, all entirely made in Italy.