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FARHAD RE continues to delight us with his amazing bags and shoes for fall-winter 2015-16 Collection, all leathers and unique details are Made in Italy.

The collection is designed for women who want to show off a unique style, elegant and feminine but at the same time practical.

The inedited combination of materials, innovative experimental materials, studied details for the bags, shoes and the metalic handle of bags, which offers a new and different handle from time to time to change the image of the product, make the collection unique.

The products are designed for an elegant woman who will not give up the convenience of a roomy bag which with a quick change of the handle, replacing the leather one to the metal in gold or silver, transforms the bag into a glamorous accesory by evening. Even the shoes are designed with the same criteria, beautiful and glamorous with high heels but confortable, due to the shape of the heels which makes the glamour a pleasure not a pain.



The leather and all the materials are selected from the best Italian companies. For the next Fall-Winter collection Farhad Re will choose the total black color to give a warm and even stronger character throughout the collection.